About Livin Swell

Livin’ Swell Studio is a commercial, 24 channel recording studio, that has been providing recording and mixing services to a number of national and internationally known clients since 2004 (The Stooges Music Group, ESPN, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Tonya Boyd- Cannon, NCIS) and have served as a pre-production space for a number of various independent movie scores and video game productions.

The idea was born out of Andrew Baham’s newfound love of the recording arts, in which he began to hone at Berklee College of Music, and the business acumen of Stooges Brass Band founder and bandleader Walter Ramsey. With just an a MacBook Pro and Pro Tools LE, the dream of owning and running a recording studio took flight. Through multiple investors, and taking a number of leaps of faith, LSS has been able to provide multiple artists with all their recording needs for the last decade.

The studio has developed from a 300 square foot rehearsal room, to a 3,000 foot space, which include 2 24-track recording rooms and a multimedia space designed for podcasting and film editing. The A Room also provides a lovely view of mid-city New Orleans. We have an experienced staff of engineers and producers, who have worked with and for a multi-faceted array of artists, spanning the genres of R&B, Rap/Hip Hop, Jazz, and Rock. Whether you’re a novice or professional to recording, we are well equipped to handle all of your needs to make your project a success..